Milk – monitoring of the volume of infant’s feeding

The parents need to monitor the daily volume of the milk which the infant has eaten. Furthermore one need to also pay attention to the number of poops that the child makes during the day. I have decided to create an application that makes these things possible in very easy and comfortable way. Additionally storing the data only locally on the phone’s database was not an option because both parents should have an access to it. Because of that I have decided to keep the records on Google Firebase only.
The main screen of the application presents daily volumes of milk and on press results within a day are displayed. The best day is marked with a crown icon as well as a day with the highest volume of one-time feeding:
The application is being developed in React Native and the code can be found on this repo.

Kotlin Android application – Glucose

People with diabetes need to take frequent blood glucose measurements on empty stomach and an hour after each major meal. This data needs to be stored and then presented to the doctor during the appointment.
I was asked to create an Android application with which the user would save his measurements in google spreadsheets. This time I have decided to use Kotlin to create a native application because of the easier integration with google.
The application has not yet reached its final shape but currently has basic functionalities and can be used. Please find below the screens:

The spreadsheet is organized in the way one can find below (random test data are used):
Application is being developed with Fragments and uses Model-View-ViewModel pattern and the source code can be found on this github repo.

Android: pay on time App

Recently I have started new Android project. I want to write a simple application which will remind me about coming payments. My code is kept in a public github repo
Probably I will publish this app in the Google play, it will be for free without any ads.

The app consist with two activities: MainActivity with RecyclerView and InvoiceAcitivity with the payments details. The third activity will be the Settings. Data are handled by the means of the private ContentProvider.

When the UI will be in more advanced state I will provide more detailed description with screenshots attached.