Milk – monitoring of the volume of infant’s feeding

The parents need to monitor the daily volume of the milk which the infant has eaten. Furthermore one need to also pay attention to the number of poops that the child makes during the day. I have decided to create an application that makes these things possible in very easy and comfortable way. Additionally storing the data only locally on the phone’s database was not an option because both parents should have an access to it. Because of that I have decided to keep the records on Google Firebase only.
The main screen of the application presents daily volumes of milk and on press results within a day are displayed. The best day is marked with a crown icon as well as a day with the highest volume of one-time feeding:
The application is being developed in React Native and the code can be found on this repo.

React-Native application – Raspberry Pi Radio

Recently I have got my Raspberry Pi Radio up and running again. In the past I created simple internet radio player by installing Music Player Daemon on my Raspberry Pi device. The radio looks like this:
In order to play/stop playing the hardcoded radio stream on need to press the yellow button on the top of the cover. This solution has a serious drawback: to change the radio one need to connect by ssh to the device and modify by hand the perl script which controls the button. This solution is far from being handy.
So I have decided to play around with Android application and I have created the mobile application – the remote controller. The prototype was created in pure Kotlin however I have decided to build the final version in React-Native. The application has the following screens:
It allows to play different streams which the user can add and remove. The application lets user to control the volume of the sound and restart or even shutdown the device as well.
The communication between the Music Player Daemon and mobile application is handled by the REST service I have created on Raspberry Pi with Express web application framework and mpc-js client library.
The entire code can be found on this repo.