Milk – monitoring of the volume of infant’s feeding

The parents need to monitor the daily volume of the milk which the infant has eaten. Furthermore one need to also pay attention to the number of poops that the child makes during the day. I have decided to create an application that makes these things possible in very easy and comfortable way. Additionally storing the data only locally on the phone’s database was not an option because both parents should have an access to it. Because of that I have decided to keep the records on Google Firebase only.
The main screen of the application presents daily volumes of milk and on press results within a day are displayed. The best day is marked with a crown icon as well as a day with the highest volume of one-time feeding:
The application is being developed in React Native and the code can be found on this repo.

Advent of code 2017 in TypeScript

Mission completed! I have just solved the advent of code 2017, however in June/July 2019 and not in December 2017 🙂
Programming puzzles can be found here: adventofcode2017 and my solutions: github/rzubala.
This time I used TypeScript which I was only using before for Angular applications development. I was just curious about the possibilities of this language in solving sometimes advent of code’s complex numeric problems. And indeed TypeScript is very handy, easy and fast to develop the code language. I would even say that sometimes it was easier to solve the puzzle in TypeScript than in Python I was using before.